I'm Hank Svec and I Created this Class

For 30 years Mary and I have lived and worked on this fruit farm near Blenheim Ontario. Three years ago we decided to turn our 50 acres back to nature and the bees. I've been keeping bees for 5 years now after watching my dad do it for most of his life. Beginner Beekeeping is designed to help you start helping the bees without making all of the mistakes that I made. With video's taken right from the farm you will:

  1. Learn about Bee Helpers or Beekeepers
  2. Learn Provincial or State Regulations
  3. Lean about Micro and Macro habitats
  4. Learn how to choose equipment
  5. Learn how to Get a Hive or 2
  6. Learn how to split a hive
  7. Learn how to catch a swarm
  8. Learn about hive inspections
  9. Learn about Propolis
  10. Learn how to watch for and treat mites naturally
  11. Learn how to prepare for cold winters
  12. Learn about hive monitors
  13. What to do next? Did I forget to talk about honey?

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